Part of my Heart Lives in Heaven Celebrating Unconditional Love


It all started when...

I came back from "HOME" . I was now left living with two realities, the one I had just left which meant all to me and the one I was returning to: the earth school learning to win over numerous challenges to grow spiritually from within. I

Now that I know I have seen such an amazing place, where all is unstained pure love and where every single soul interacts with the utmost consideration, kindness, care and respect, this world we live in reflects a harsh contrast.  We all started our earthly life the pure light of love which is the driving force of heaven. For many, Pure Love has been scorched, since childhood, by the earthly life we have embarked on. Then later, when the age of innocence is over, we forget the essence and the expandable glow of its purity, because life gets us more deeply mired in this world journey, in which we have to battle and sharpen the survival skills needed to become ‘winners’ according to the rules we have decided to abide to on this earth. We end up living and tasting a type of love diluted with hurts, pain, despair, betrayals and indifference, abuse, until we remember that we are originally made of pure and Divine love.

Going through a near death experience and awakening to who you really are, is actually breaking those strongholds and letting the spring of love flow again for others and for yourself.  It is possible to live life with this awareness and open up again because what we really are is Being of Love materialized in human form to experience this journey.  Dare to live this journey with the best of yourself everyday, everywhere with all around you.

If you don’t know what love is because you were never cared with love. Look around you and see the child innocent smile.
Children are coming as voices of love’s liberating truth.